I am present within myself.

Like a tree, I deepen my roots so I can bend in the wind.

Brilliance lies within me.

I am gifted with an eye to see nature,
a heart to feel nature and a mind to protect nature.

Like the spirit bear, I am strong and confident.

I am a leader. I can and will take action to make this world a better place.

May my spirit dance in harmony with the spirit of others.

This is my life: I do what I want and I do it often.

Old or young, flexible or not, I have a place in this world. I am home.

In times of sickness and doubt. work will not help me: friends, family and community will.

I embrace solitude, silence, rest.

I value my body, my breath, my heart.

I am enough.


Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. An urge to comprehend and accept this beautiful journey called life helped me develop my physical yoga practice 6 years ago in a hot and sweaty class in Montreal. A multitude of wise and caring teachers have since familiarized me to my interior practice, my physical body, my breath. With gratitude and curiosity, I intend to continue to deepen this practice that feels, the way warm air on an early summer morning brushes my skin. What an honor it is to guide students in this beautiful practice. In my vinyasa classes, I strive to deliver solid foundation, anatomical cues, humor and a moderate sweat.